Houthi sniper kills girl while she was grazing her sheep

English - الأربعاء 23 يناير 2019 الساعة 04:53 م
Al-Tuhaita – NewsYemen.net

A girl was killed by a Houthi sniper south al-Hodeida, west Yemen, a day after a child was killed and a girl was critically wounded in Hais district in al-Hodeida.

The 16-year-old-girl, Hanan Abdullah Suhail, who was grazing her sheep in Khaled Sulaiman Ahyaf's farm was killed by the Houthi sniper who was stationing in an area near the girl's place.

The number of victims, especially children, have increased among the civilians in al-Tuhaita district and its villages.

Houthi militias repeatedly shell the district center of al-Tuhaita with mortars' shells, targeting residential gatherings and farms.

Earlier this week, a 10-year-old boy named Hussein Qabbab was shot by sniper and his cousin Nabila Qabbab, 15, seriously injured, while they were playing in the al-Okada area, south Hais city nearby al-Shaeniah area where the Houthi militias stationed in it.