Former governor of Taiz demands for Hadi who sack him from Taiz office

English - الأربعاء 23 يناير 2019 الساعة 05:27 م
Taiz –

Hisham al-Sama'i, a secretary of the former governor of Taiz Dr. Amin Mahmoud, said that the governor had put important demands for President Hadi before the decision to sack him from office.

The demands for the former governor of Taiz to President Hadi included changes in the military leadership axis and brigades to avoid party infiltration into the armed forces.

The demands came to avoid the partisan and political work within the military and security establishment and to keep them away from blocs.

The former governor's demands included the change of the current security director who refused to work under the umbrella of the Local Authority and its directions.

The security director refused the Local Authority's plans and he insisted to work under the party's order. The security director also refused the all members of the security apparatus, including officers and soldiers.

The demands also included forcing political parties inside Taiz city to refrain from interfering in the affairs of the military and security institutions and Police, stopping media campaigns and incitement in mosques, and mobilizing the street against the Local Authority.

The former governor's demands also included the return of thousands of former military officers and soldiers who did not fight against the Legitimacy and who were not involved in any acts in violation of a legal regulation.

Amin Mahmoud also asked Hadi to apply military and security laws in the military and security institutions' posts, which are required the nomination of officers of the military and security colleges in the leading posts of the two institutions, getting out the military units inside Taiz city and re-stationed in the military fronts.

Al-Sama'i pointed out that the former governor also delivered the President a detailed report over the legal excesses and financial corruption inside the security department.

In the report, the governor handled the demands matrix according to a clear vision for all the problems and disasters Taiz had suffered and Yemen as a whole.