Houthis plant landmines in 73 bridges in 8 districts in al-Hodeida

English - الخميس 24 يناير 2019 الساعة 09:57 ص
Al-Hodeida – Newsyemen.net

The Houthi group, the Iranian arm in Yemen, planted landmines in 73 bridges and water flood pipes in a road network in the eight districts in al-Hodeida province, west Yemen.

Residents and a local source told Newsmen that the Houthis had deployed landmines under bridges and water flood pipes after digging, adding that some bombs were formed like rockets and missiles, large sizes, controlled remotely.

The Houthi militias linked the landmines with an interconnected network so that the detonation will be simultaneous.

The explosive devices were deployed in the 41 bridges at a distance of about 110 km, between Wadi Nakhla, Wadi Zabeed, Wadi Rema'a, Wadi al-Qaum, Rummanah and Mariam.

The Houthis planted landmines in 14 bridges along the line adjacent to Wadi Seham, which cross al-Marawe'ah road in al-Hodeida city.

The Houthi militias also planted similar packages of landmines in 18 bridges on the Bajel-al-Kadin-al-Dhuha road in a distance of more than 60 km.

Newsyemen publish in its YouTube Channel a Video Motion Graphic summarizes the full details of the Houthi militias' operation, which clearly amounts to a war crime, threatening the lives of thousands of people and a movement of the humanitarian lines that are supposed to start in al-Hodeida districts and other provinces.