Coalition supports Hajoor tribes in first aerial airlift

English - الثلاثاء 19 فبراير 2019 الساعة 07:52 م
Hajjah -

The Arab Coalition aircraft carried out the first aerial airlift for Hajoor tribes besieged by the Houthi militias that continues their brutal aggression against civilians in Kushar district in Hajjah province.

Sheikh Fahd Dahshosh said on Tuesday morning in a brief post on Social media that "Everything will be arranged as you like and in the right form and the siege will be lift...".

Reports were confirmed over the betrayal of the first secretary of the Yemeni Socialist Party and his cousins in Hajjah province in supporting of Hajoor tribes as they had allowed the Houthis to enter from west al-Abaisa.

According to information the secretary of the Socialist Party in Aflah al-Sham Yahya Hafeedh leads the Houthi militias' group south Kushar district, and his three sons were killed along with th