Armed militias refer kidnapped journalists to stand trial

English - الأربعاء 20 فبراير 2019 الساعة 12:16 م
Sana'a -

The Penal Prosecution in Sana'a referred the detained journalists (10) in Houthis' prisons for more than three years to stand trial on trumped-up charges.

The head of the Detainees' Defense of Detainees AbdulBasset Ghazi, tweeted on Facebook that the prosecution referred journalists to trial in charges of "broadcasting false and malicious news and statements in order to weaken the morale of the people and undermine public security".

He pointed out that the journalists are: AbdulKhaliq Ahmad Omran, Akram Saleh Al-Waleedi, Alharith Saleh Humaid, Tawfiq Mohammed Al-Mansouri, Hesham Ahmed Tarmoum, Hesham AbdulMalik al-Yousufi, Haitham Abdulrahman Raweh, Essam Amin Balghith, Hassan Abdullah Annab and Salah Mohammed al-Qaedi.