Houthi militias confiscate 350,000 new gas cylinders

English - الخميس 21 فبراير 2019 الساعة 10:03 ص
Sana'a - NewsYemen.net

Sources at Yemen Gas Company in the Capital Sana'a, run by the Houthi militias backed by Iran, said that the militias' leadership stopped the distribution of gas shares for civilians every Tuesday in week in all districts in the Capital Sana'a.

The sources added that the decision to stop the citizens' quotas of gas came amid to invest the allocation of this day, and sell the quantities at the black market as gas cylinders will be sold at Y.R 5,000 for restaurants and cafeterias secretly and at high prices.

The sources pointed out that the leadership of the militias with the complicity of the Department of Yemen Gas Company get millions of the Tuesday’s share of every week.

According to the sources, the militias' leaders imposed the decision to stop the distribution of the citizens' shares on every Tuesday amid at supporting the War Effort, and large leaders of the militias involved in this matter, including Abu Ali al-Hakm, the chairman of the Houthi military intelligence System.

The sources confirmed that the leaders of the Houthi militias confiscated the new gas cylinders that were collected by the citizens, and replaced the civilians' cylinders with old cylinders.

The sources added that the new cylinders were confiscated by the militias of the gas company during the last period more than 350,000 and replaced them by damaged and unusable cylinders.

The sources pointed out that the new cylinders that were confiscated were distributed for the Houthi leaders in the Capital Sana'a, while the rest will be sent to Sa'ada province.

The Capital Sana'a experiences an increase of citizens' complaints that they have been forced by heads of the neighborhoods to accept the damaged gas cylinders, which caused dozens of explosions at houses in the capital Sana'a and caused many casualties.