Tribal fighters repulse Houthi major attack in Hajoor

English - الخميس 21 فبراير 2019 الساعة 07:10 م
Aden –

Hajoor Tribal fighters in Hajjah province repulsed a major attack carried out by Houthi militias that lasted for seven hours.

According to a tribal source, the tribal leaders repulsed the Houthis’ attack in al-Qaem and al-Abaisa areas in the province.

The source added the tribal fighters repelled the Houthis' attack, inflicting the armed militias heavy losses.

Around 30 armed militias were killed in the attack, and others were also injured.
In the same context, the Chairman of the General People's Congress Fahd Dahshush confirmed that the tribal fighters captured dozens of the armed militias in the battle in the province.

Fahd Dhashush said on his Facebook account that among the prisoners are important leaders of the Houthi militias.