Brotherhood Police arrest brigade commander in Marib

English - الخميس 21 فبراير 2019 الساعة 07:13 م
Marib –

Military police loyal to the Islah Party in Marib province on Wednesday arrested a brigade commander at national army and put him in jail, military sources said to Newsyemen.

The military sources added that the Inspector General Adel al-Qumairi suspended the Brigadier General Mohammad al-Jaradi, the commander of the 81st Brigade at the National Army, and referred him for investigation.

The sources added that al-Qumairi had ordered to arrest the Brigadier General al-Jaradi, who was appointed by a Republican decision to lead the 81st Brigade.

The Brigadier General al-Jaradi is from As Salafiyah district in Raymah province, is known for his integrity and discipline. He was also wounded during battles against the Houthi militias in Marib.