Yakhtel fishermen still work despite old traditional method

English - الخميس 21 فبراير 2019 الساعة 07:31 م
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Fishing center on Yakhtel Beach, north Mocha district in Taiz province, is one of the most important centers that fishermen came to it on the West Coast of Yemen and the fish traders, and has a reputation for decades.

The traditional method is the most prominent fishing in Yakhtel sea area, as well as the new fishing center in Wajeha area, south Mocha, which accommodates more than 1,000 fishermen, and it is added to al-Ruwais Anchoring in the same district.

Yakhtel area locates about 14 km north Mocha city center in Taiz province. It was established very early as a place to hunt and sell fish along the coastline of Mocha and Yakhtel.

Mr. Mohammed Ali Ebrahim Shadheli, who had worked at the Fish Anchoring in Yakhtel area at Imamate Era, one of Shadheli's relative narrates a story for Newsyemen that the fish was sold in a small house, after they finished, the fishermen paid "the One - fifth" for Sheikhs or dignitaries under the title of Imam (Imam who ruled Yemen Arab Republic before 1962).

Mr. Mohammed Shadheli sent a letter to Imam telling him what was going at the anchoring and in the small village of Yakhtel, demanding that fishermen must be exempted by royalties, ….Mohammed Shadheli was assassinated in Mocha city.

It is expected that the beach of Yakhtel will be the next destination for the UAE Red Crescent Authority program to create, modernize and develop the fishing marina, anchoring, as the area represents a symbolic value and historical background for Yemen.