Shabwa Elite Forces arrest three accused of murder

English - السبت 23 فبراير 2019 الساعة 04:58 م
Abyan –

Shabwa Elite Forces arrested three suspects in two murders, one is the capital murder in Hadramout province, a security source said to Newsyemen on Friday.

The source added that the Elite Forces in cooperation with the security services seized the accused of the premeditated murder, who was previously caught but fled from the central prison in Ataq city during the Houthi militias' control the city.

The source pointed out that the two defendants were captured after an intensive security operation by the Elite Forces and the security forces.

The two defendants killed Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Saeed in Ahwar area in Abyan province and his dead body was found in Hadramout province and looted all his properties, including all his beehives.