Sarhan's son attacks Taiz Undersecretary in Taiz city

English - الاثنين 18 مارس 2019 الساعة 06:21 م
Taiz – 

Gunmen led by a son of the security chief in Taiz province raided the house of the Undersecretary of the province and the member of the General People's Congress  Aref Jamel on Monday in Taiz city, central Yemen.

Gunmen led by Hisham Abdulwahid Sarhan fired bullets at Aref Jamel's house in al-Masbah neighborhood in downtown Taiz, a security source said. 

The source indicated that Aref Jamel in Aden province while his family relatives at the house, women and children only. 

The storming of the house came amid armed clashes erupted weeks ago between Hisham Sarhan and Yusuf Hayani, a member of the General People's Congress against the backdrop of conflicting with Ramzi al-Radae for one of Khat market tax. 

Hisham Sarhan is the son of the Colonel Abdulwahid Sarhan the director of the Branch of the Political Security Department in Taiz, knowing by looting Khat taxes by force of arms. 

 Hisham Sarhan's armed attack on Aref Jamel's house and the intimidation of his family is the first attack in Taiz a day after governor Nabil Shamsan arrived in the city.