An officer, escort, civilian killed in armed clashes in Taiz

English - الثلاثاء 19 مارس 2019 الساعة 10:37 ص
Taiz –

Three people, including an officer, were killed, and four civilians were wounded by an armed ambush followed by armed clashes between two armed gangs on Monday in Taiz city.

A security official said to Newsyemen that gunmen Yusuf al-Hayani, the member of the General People's Congress  intercepted a car of an officer in Senan tour in Usaiferah area in Taiz city, opened fired at them.

The armed clashes killed the Lieutenant colonel Abdullah Moqbel Haza'a al-Mekhlafi, an officer at the 22 Infantry Brigade, and his follower the solider Mohammed Muneer.

The source pointed out that the armed clashes come upon the revenge issue between them.

The source added after the assassination of the officer al-Mekhlafi, the battle erupted between the gunmen of Hisham Sarhan and the gunmen of Yusuf al-Hayani on Jamal street and al-Awadhi in Taiz city.

The armed clashes caused the killing of the civilian Tawfiq al-Shara'bi and injuring four others, including two were rushed to an Intensive Care Unit at a Hospital, according to the source.  

Later, the gunmen led by Hisham Sarhan attacked the home of Aref Jamel, Taiz Undersecretary deputy and head of the General People's Congress (GPC) in the province in al-Masbah neighborhood, considering him a support for Yusuf al-Hayani.