Houthi reinforcements from Hajjah arrive in al-Hodeida

English - الثلاثاء 19 مارس 2019 الساعة 09:15 م
Al-Hodeida - NewsYemen.net

The Houthi militias have pushed reinforcements coming from Hajjah province via al-Sham eastern line, according to the Aerial Surveillance and Survey Division on the West Coast.

The reinforcements arrived on civilian transport, toyota Hiace buses, and pickup trucks," some entered al-Hodeida city in July 7th neighborhood, while others went to the east of a-Saleh city and other contact line areas.

The militias continued their violations by digging tunnels in several locations, including a new tunnel extending from the Silos in the east of al-Hodeida nearby al-Sham-Hajjah al-Hudayda point.

The armed militias also established a tunnel in fishing port extended into Radio building nearby al-Thawra General Hospital.