Hadramout governor: UAE's support makes a major turn in the security system

English - الخميس 21 مارس 2019 الساعة 10:10 ص
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Hadramout governor and the Commander of the 2nd Military Region Maj. Gen. Faraj Salem al-Buhseni said that the UAE support for the security sector and the Police in Hadramout "has made a major turn in the security system".

The governor's speech came at the ceremony of " the Message of Peace" which concluded the program of rehab and develop the security system on the West Coast of Hadramout.  

The Governor hailed the performance level shown by the security officers and police officers and their high participation in the program.

In his speech, Director-General of Security and Police at the Hadramout Coast,

The director General of Hadramout Coast Police Muneer al-Tamemi said that the program rehabilitated 1,400 soldiers and officers.

The UAE's support also included 277 different mechanisms, dozens of motorcycles, 4 fully equipped civilian defense mechanisms.

The UAE's support had built 21 police stations, 11 security departments, provide modern means of communication, provide fuel for two years, fully adopt nutrition, and furnish 40 offices for the general administration of security and police.