Houthi leader describes officials at Anti-Corruption Authority as "traitors"

English - الثلاثاء 26 مارس 2019 الساعة 05:53 م
Sana'a – NewsYemen.net 

Differences have erupted between new members appointed by the militias last month, sources at the Anti-Corruption Authority in the Capital Sana'a, controlled by the Houthi militias, said. 

The sources added that Salim al-Sayani, who was imposed as a Deputy Chairman of the Authority for Combating Corruption threatened some members of the Authority affiliated with the General People's Conference (GPC) to arrest and imprison, and refer them to the Prosecution as well as trial them under the pretext of treason and agents for foreign countries.

The sources indicated that al-Sayani sent a letter to the chairman of the Authority, imposed by the militias Mohammed al-Ghashm, asking him to prevent the entry of AbdulAziz al-Kumaim and Mohammed al-Asbahi accusing them of being "traitors and agents for the aggression."

The dispute came during a meeting of the Authority, when Salim al-Sayani, one of the leaders of the Houthi militias, insisted to insult the Martyr Ali Abdullah Saleh who was assassinated by the Houthi militias. 

Al-Sayani claimed that the Anti-Corruption Authority was established by the Martyr to protect the corrupts then al-Kumaim and al-Asabai say mercies words on the soul of Saleh, God blessed him,  which the Houthi leader hated and got angry even for saying mercies' words.  
Al-Kumaim and al-Asbahi replied to al-Sayani " if you have a vendetta case with the Late Saleh then go to Sanhan ..this is an Authority for working and it is not for a vendetta case", then al-Sayani described them as traitors and proxies for outside countries.