Gunmen close Taiz main road to city for ten hours

English - الثلاثاء 26 مارس 2019 الساعة 07:57 م
Taiz –  

Armed men of the people of Jabal Habashi district on Tuesday crossed the only main road to the central province of Taiz, a security source said to Newsyemen. 

The source added that the armed men crossed al-Dhabab road, prevented the entry and exit of cars, demanding the local authority to arrest  killers of a member of the district.

The source did not exclude that the crossing of the road came amid hindering the personnel of Abu al-Abbas battalions from al-Kadaha to Taiz city. 

The solider of the 17th Brigade Alaa Ghaleb al-Fadheli was killed on Feb. 25,2018 behind al-Saleh Gardens in al-Dhabab road by unknown gunmen, according to his family relatives. 

The halt of al-Dhabab road has been stopping dozens of private cars and trucks from and to Taiz city, and hundreds of travelers, including dozens of families, remained stranded in the area.