Leaders of Islah Party participate in Houthi demonstration in Sana'a

English - الثلاثاء 26 مارس 2019 الساعة 08:00 م
Sana'a – NewsYemen.net 

A number of Islah Party's leaders on Tuesday participated in a protest organized by the Houthi group in the Capital Sana'a on the occasion of the launching of Operation Decisive Storm.

Ghaleb Sultan, an Islahi member at the Party branch in Taiz, participated in the Houthi demonstration against the Legitimacy accompanied by other leaders and the party's fans. 

The Islahi leader Ghaleb Sultan appeared next to Yahya Badr al-Din al-Houthi who is also a minister at the Houthi government in the Capital Sana'a, the brother of founder of the Houthi group. 

The Party's leaders participation in the Houthis' events or Houthis' political events affirmed the growing and real closeness between the Islah party and the Houthi group and their agreement on anti-legitimacy and the Arab Coalition.

The head of the Houthi Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat revealed on Monday in an interview with the Lebanese newspaper "Al-Akhbar" that the Houthi group has been received political messages by the Islah Party, as the Party expressed  its resentment of the Coalition and its keenness in alliance with the Houthi group.

For her part, the Islah leader Tawakul Karman pointed out that the Party will soon change its strategic current alliance with the Arab Coalition, in bringing together and agreeing with the Houthi group and the Republic of Iran.