Families of martyrs protest against 3rd military region 

English - الأربعاء 27 مارس 2019 الساعة 07:12 م
Marib – NewsYemen.net 

The families of the martyrs in al-Juba district in Marib province continue their sit-in protest against the manipulation of the 3rd Military Region for their rights, vowing to cut Marib-al-Baida road, detaining oil and gas trucks in case of continuing and ignoring their demands.

A statement issued by the families of the martyrs accused the 3rd Military Region of manipulating and ignoring the martyrs' rights and their salaries.

The statement added that they carried out an open sit-in in the al-Juba district nearby the main road of Marib-al-Baida in protest against the manipulation of the third military region and the failure to fulfill its moral duty towards the rights of legitimate martyrs.

They demanded to pay salaries of six months of 2017 and similar of 2018 as well as pay three months of 2019, moreover, pay the honor / gift  of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition promote martyrs' military ranks, according to the statement.  

The families of the martyrs also stressed the need to pay the pensions of the martyrs monthly without any objection or any repeated problems.