Al-Awlaki: Operation of "White Mountains" confirms Shabwa's ability to eliminate terrorism 

English - الأربعاء 27 مارس 2019 الساعة 07:13 م
Shabwa – 

Sheikh Saleh bin Farid al-Awlaki, the member of the Presidential Body of the Southern Transitional Council, said on Wednesday that the ''White Mountains'' Operation against al-Qaeda in Nusab, Markha, Khorrah and areas west of Shabwa province confirms the role of the UAE and its determination to fight and uproot terrorist organizations in the province. 

Sheikh al-Awlaki added that this qualitative process, in which all the Shabwa Elite Forces participated in this military operation  confirms that Shabwa's people are capable of defending their province and eliminating them from terrorism and other than terrorism.

Al-Awlaki said in a statement: "I do not find the words of thanks that are worthy of the UAE, and give them their right and great role in fighting terrorism in the south in general and in Shabwa in particular.