Commander of Thi Kaleb front in al-Baida martyred

English - الأربعاء 27 مارس 2019 الساعة 07:19 م
Al-Baida – 

A local source on Wednesday confirmed the martyrdom of the commander of the Popular Resistance in Thi Kaleb front in Qaifa area in al-Baida province by the Houthi militias.  

The Houthi militias launched a surprise attack on the resistance sites, taking the advantage of the absence of the Resistance members on the grounds for the purpose of numbering the military personnel in Marib province.

The source said that the third Military Region at the Army summoned the members of Qaifa Resistance to Marib for giving them military numbers after the Committee refused to visit military sites to register the members at the fronts. 

The source added that those who remained in the Resistance sites managed to repel the Houthi attack, which killed a number of the Houthi terrorist group.

The source confirmed the martyrdom of Sheikh Ali Mohammed al-Qabsa al-Suraimi, including a number of his escorts, and wounded others during the surprise attack by the Houthis. 

The source pointed out the clashes are still ongoing, while the members of the Resistance, who were summoned,  came back to the sites' fronts in al-Baida without waiting for the Numbering Committee.