Army lifts 500 naval mines, captures 4 Houthis over past year

English - الأربعاء 27 مارس 2019 الساعة 09:31 م
Hajjah – 

The 5th Military Region Command announced on Wednesday the marine mines statistics lifted by the Army's engineering teams in the territorial waters of Yemen in the Red Sea and its coasts during the past year.

About 500 mines planted by the terrorist militias were removed along the coast and territorial waters.

The Marine Formation Forces blew up a number of booby-trapped boats sent by the militias in territorial waters. 

The forces seized other two boats as part of securing the international navigation line from Midi area in the north in Hajjah province to Alluhayyah district in the south in al-Hodeida province. 

The army arrested four of the Houthi militias, who were on those booby-trapped boats.

The commander of the Yemen's islands the Colonel Mohammed Salam al-Asbahi stressed the need to take a firm international position to cleanse the Western coast of the militias. 

He affirmed the importance of controlling the rest areas by the Legitimacy that are still run by the Houthi militias.