Clashes among army soldiers amid suspending al-Dhabab road in Taiz

English - الخميس 28 مارس 2019 الساعة 11:09 ص
Taiz –

Violent clashes broke out between forces of the Fifth Presidential Guard Brigade and soldiers of the 17th Infantry Brigade Wednesday noon in al-Dhabab road, the only entrance to Taiz city.

Violent clashes erupted between dozens of people of Jabal Habashi - belonging to the soldiers of the 17th Brigade infantry - and troops of the Fifth presidential guard Brigade near the headquarters of the brigade in al-Dhabab, a military source said to Newsyemen.

The outbreak of clashes came two days after the soldiers of the 17th Brigade cut al-Dhabab road and stationed in the heights overlooking the road, and to prevent movement through al-Dhabab outlet.

The soldiers of Jabal Habashi demanded the leadership of the Fifth brigade to hand them over killers of their colleague Alaa al-Fadheli, as well as the soldiers also demanded Taiz Undersecretary AbdulQawi al-Mekhlafi to hand his driver over who ran over a child before two weeks.