Protests to demand dismissing leaders of Islah Security campaign against old city

English - الخميس 28 مارس 2019 الساعة 04:58 م
Taiz –

The people of the old city, activists and civil society organizations in Taiz city are to organize on Thursday a protest outside the gate of the province headquarters, denouncing crimes of Islah Party campaign in the city.

The participants will raise slogans, calling for the dismissal and trial of leaders of the security campaign for their crimes against the residents of the old city.

The protest activity is a continuation of the violations' rejection and bloodshed that targeting the inhabitants of the old city of Taiz and its safe neighborhoods under false pretexts.

The residents of the old city staged a demonstration and sit-in carried out by a human chain demanded the dismissal of the leaders of the so-called security campaign and must be referred them for trial.