Third demonstrations in Taiz denounces the Popular Crowd, demands to oust Crowd's leaders

English - الخميس 28 مارس 2019 الساعة 05:00 م
Taiz -

Hundreds of youths in the old city of Taiz and civil society activists demonstrated Thursday for the third day in a row to denounce the crimes of the Popular Militias in Taiz, central Yemen.

The demonstration, which was attended by the people of the old city of Taiz, the activists and the civil society organizations in Taiz, started in a number of the streets of the city to the gate of the interim province headquarters on Jamal Street.

Demonstrators held a protest in front of the headquarters of the Islah Party, chanting "Allah is Sufficient for us, and He us the Best Disposer of affairs''.

The participants raised slogans calling for the dismissal and trial of the leaders of the security campaign for their crimes against the inhabitants of the Old City.

The protesters called on the governor of Taiz province Nabil Shamsan to take a courageous decision to dissolve the Popular Crowd Militias, arrest all of its members and consider them wanted.

The governor's office informed protestors that the governor did not exercise his duties for four days ago, and did not attend any meetings, stressing that he will inform the governor Shamsan.

In the last few days, the Popular Crowd militias of Islah Party attacked with heavy and medium weapons the Old City under the pretext of searching of wanted.

About 20 civilians were killed and more than 60 others injured, 40 houses were totally and partially destroyed, including al-Mudhafar Public Hospital and the headquarters of the General People's Congress.

The governor of Taiz formed a committee to investigate the war crimes in the Old City, requesting the Presidency the dismissal of the commanders of Taiz axis and the 22nd Brigades, staying at his house till the order is implemented. .