Taiz officials agree to move rest of members of Abu al-Abbas to al-Kadaha

English - الجمعة 29 مارس 2019 الساعة 11:51 ص
Taiz – NewsYemen.net

A source said to Newsyemen that the governor Nabil Shamsan agreed with Sheikh Muammar al-Makhlafi to put an end to the fighting in the old city of Taiz.

According to the source, the agreement stipulated to evacuate personnel of Abu al-Abbas battalions, including their weapons, and secure their movements into al-Kadaha area in al-Ma'afer district.

The agreement confirmed the right of the Colonel Adel Farea al-Dhubhani to be present at his house and his private headquarters in the old city, including his private guards, the source said..

The agreement included the handing over of Hayel Complex for Girls School to the Department of Education, the Police Departments to Security Department, and assigned the Security to protect the neighborhoods of the old city, according to the source.