Saudi Military Force arrives in Sayoun to combat al-Qaeda

English - Sunday 07 April 2019 الساعة 10:59 am
Hadramout – 

A Saudi military force arrived in Sayoun city in Hadramout province, eastern Yemen through al-Wadeeah border crossing on Saturday.

The Saudi force arrived at the headquarters of the First Military Region in Sayoun city, a military and a local source said. 

According to the sources, the Force include military vehicles, minesweepers and medium and heavy machinery.

Witnesses said they saw Saudi flags at the top of the trucks which head to Sayoun city. 

A security source said to Newsyemen the Arab Coalition intends to carry out military operations against al-Qaeda elements in the valley and the Sahara of Hadramout. 

He pointed out that the areas of valley and the Sahara of Hadramout are experiencing  a significant activity of terrorist elements benefiting from the insecurity.