Daesh is most obvious Face of Brotherhood in Taiz

English - Sunday 07 April 2019 الساعة 03:32 pm
Aden – NewsYemen.net

The Brotherhood controlled the army in Taiz province, it recruited elements of al-Qaeda and Daesh at camps under the name of the army at a time it was appointed 'Salem' as a supervisor.

The Brotherhood established a training camp for Daesh in al-Ashroh area in Jabal Habashi district in 2018.

Military training of Daesh camp was run by Hatem al-Barakani and Belal al-Wafi.

AbdulBaset al-Shara'bi was previously recruited in Afghanistan, he works as assistant of the Brotherhood Wahib al-Houri, while Azam al-Farhan, the son of Salem, leads al-Sa'alek brigade who has a relation with all leaders of Daesh and al-Qaeda.

Al-Qaeda leader Hammam al-Sana'ani works in al-Hodeida who is an assistant of Azam al-Farhan.