Houthis mainly depend on snipers, landmines, thermal missiles

English - الأحد 07 أبريل 2019 الساعة 05:22 م
Cairo – NewsYemen.net

Mr. A.A. Aqlan, 30, a graduate of the War College who is specialized in demining, works in a volunteer group to lift landmines. He said that the size of landmines that were planted by Houthis were huge.

He added the Houthi arm is the landmines, then snipers then thermal missiles that hit the vehicles and BMB.

I have lost many friends in Houthis' landmines, " We remove landmines then that a small Houthi group sneaks into sites secretly and re-plant them again in the same locations."  

" ... we found a landmine weighing 40 Kg, after dealing with it, we discovered that the landmine is linked with a small bomb that detonated to injure us all;  I lost my sight for days, I admitted at Saudi Hospitals for months, a cornea was planted for my right eye, then I traveled to Egypt to plant another cornea for the left eye, ..hence I totally lost the sight again in the right eye because the first operation that was done it has been still tiny pieces that has not taken out. "

The Houthis made anti-personal landmines, weighing 5, 10, 20 and 40 kg.