Militias oust Sana'a governor to absorb anger of Amran tribes

English - الأحد 07 أبريل 2019 الساعة 08:52 م
Sana'a –

Houthi militias dismissed on Sunday three prominent leaders at their offices in Sana'a province in an attempt to absorb the anger of the tribes of Amran province.

Amran tribes hold a sit-in at the entrance of the Capital Sana'a, demanding the handover of the Houthi leader Abu Naji al-Marebi who is accused of killing a tribal figure of Amran.

The three who were appointed by the armed militias, the Iranian arm in Yemen, are Sana'a governor Haneen Qatenah, Sana'a Security Director Mujahed al-Tairi, Central Security director to absorb the tribes' escalation, local sources added.

The Houthi militias also said that the three were referred to investigation in charges of corruption and smuggling wanted for security, local sources said.

Sheikh Ahmad Salem al-Sakani, a member of Raida Local Council of Amran province and a well-known figure of al-Sarih area and Amran province was killed by the Houthi supervisor Abu Naji al-Marebi.

The Houthi leader Abu Naji al-Marebi shot and killed Sheikh Ahmed Salem al-Sakani while al-Sakani was marched towards the security department. The Houthi assassinated al-Sakani from the back.

Al-Sakani was killed by his personal weapon by the Houthi supervisor. Earlier, al-Sakani delivered his weapon as tribal arbitration to end a dispute over land in Saref area in Sana'a.