Houthi Court plans to order harsh sentences against 36 detainees

English - الاثنين 08 أبريل 2019 الساعة 10:36 ص
Aden – NewsYemen.net

An International Human Rights Organization revealed the intention of the Houthi militias to issue harsh sentences against dozens of detainees in Sana'a.

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said that it is deeply concerned with the fate of the detainees at Houthis' jails who are being tried by the Houthi court, "known as the 36 Case, Nasr al-Salami and others".

In a statement, Sam said that it has learned that the judge of the Criminal Court had kept the case on Saturday so as to hold a sentencing hearing the following Saturday, April 13.

At Saturday's hearing, the Lawyer Hussein al-Hamami was arrested and charged with providing prior assistance for a case murder.

The Houthi court held its last meeting in the presence of all the defendants except Dr. Yusuf al-Bawab, who was leading the Court on behalf of the rest of the detainees.

SAM said it feared harsh sentences against the 36 detainees being tried by an unconstitutional court, which was overturned by a decree by the Supreme Judicial Council. This court is unconstitutional and its provisions are both null and void.

It also emphasizes that this court is unconstitutionally  and its rules used as a cruel tool by the Houthi militias to blackmail and abuse its opponents and to justify some of its crimes and give itself a legal status as a judicial body.

SAM called on the Houthi militias to immediately stop the abuse of detainees in prisons.

It also called on the international community and the Secretary-General of the United Nations the Special Envoy for Yemen to pressure on the Houthi militias urgently to stop the trial of detainees and to proceed with their unconditional release.