Security Committee demands to transfer Abu al-Abbas battalions into al-Kadaha

English - الاثنين 08 أبريل 2019 الساعة 11:27 ص
Taiz –

Despite the demonstrations in support of the demands of the governor of Taiz to change the leadership of the security campaign, the Security committee sent a letter on Sunday to Abu Al-Abbas to move his forces into al-Kadaha front in al-Ma'afer district within three days starting on Sunday.

Committee of Ease War Tension emanating from the Security Committee in Taiz province demanded Abu al-Abbas battalions to transfer its battalions in the old city of Taiz within three days.

A letter which ordered the battalions to get out was signed by Adnan Zuraiq, the commander of the Fifth Presidential brigade, Abdulkarim al-Sabri, the  Undersecretary of Taiz province for Defense and Security Affairs, the Major General Mohammed al-Mahmoudi, the Undersecretary of Interior Ministry, Aref Jammel, the Undersecretary of Taiz province.

The Committee demanded Abu al-Abbas battalions of the 35th Brigade to lift security fortifications in the old city, lift al-Berain checkpoint towards al-Kadaha.

Taiz has seen demonstrations, most recently on Saturday, calling to change the Islah's leaders at the Security and military forces.