Popular Crowd resumes offensive attack on old city of Taiz

English - الاثنين 08 أبريل 2019 الساعة 04:13 م
Taiz – NewsYemen.net

The Militias of the Popular Crowd of the Islah Party have resumed their offensive against members of Abu al-Abbas battalions in Wadi al-Madam, al-Bab al-Kabeer, al-Madajer areas late Sunday.

The Party's forces attacked areas where some members of the battalions belong to and live the same neighborhoods in Taiz city.  

Such move by the militias of the Popular Crowd again come without any prior notice by the governor as being the Chairman of the Security Committee.

The new attack also comes after a leaked document issued the Committee of Ease War Tension emanating from the Security committee, chaired by Taiz governor, to displace members of Abu al-Abbas battalions to al-Kadaha sector.

Observers considered such a move is regarded a forced displacement against Salafis in Taiz.