Armed militias drag principle at school yard before students for Houthi Cry

English - Monday 08 April 2019 الساعة 05:17 pm
Sana'a –

"When two military vehicles stormed into a school yard of a private school where children and young students are studying at, and in front of minor students or young students, as being done by the Houthi militias who have captured a school principal dragging him in front of everyone in a humiliating manner, we are totally assure that Yemen is run by the worst creatures of God."

" One of my friends told me that, he has a minor brother studying at a private school, he did not go to the school because of what he has seen at the school's yard."

" He is at the first primary class, he and his friends did not go to school after they saw the actions of the armed militias at the school yard."

" They saw their a respected principal to be dragged" under the pretext of not paying a salary of one of a female school teacher."

"After the following up the story, it became clear to us that the reason of dragging the principal out of the school is that his refusal to impose the Houthi policy and its culture among the students, such as the school that have recently opened not far away of the first school."

"The second school had adhered the Houthi rules and regulations, including the Houthi Cry in morning parade every day."

"A few days later, the principal was released by the armed militias. The parents were surprised and shocked at the school policy which goes with the militias, the Chant or Houthi Cry was repeated in the school parade as it had never happened before, according to the children who told their parents and their relatives."

The school principal said the Houthis had imposed on them many things that must be applied at school to equip students their culture, which they want to leak to all minds or young generation by any means.

"When you hear about this story, you realize that the education is facing the biggest disaster in Yemen. The school principal does not want to cut off his source of income.

"He has also to fulfill all the school's obligations as the second semester is about going to finish, in case the principle refuses the Houthi regulations, the Houthis will immediately shut the school, and may judicial problems will be happened to him".

This is only just a story of many stories that the Yemeni people face in the country. All schools have been forced to introduce a sectarian culture into the school curriculum, putting students and parents in front of the de-facto education run by the armed militias. There is no alternative option but to keep students at houses.