After liberation, Mocha hospital is a model of health facilities on the West Coast

English - Tuesday 09 April 2019 الساعة 07:46 pm
Mocha –

Dr. Nasr Askar the director of Mocha Hospital said that the hospital receives about 100 daily cases of disease, which exceeded the capacity of the hospital.

During the first quarter of this year, the hospital received more than 10,000 cases. Most of the patients came from the coastal areas after the Houthi militias destroyed their health facilities and looted their contents from medical equipment.

Despite overcrowding, the hospital is preparing to open premature and underweight births Department to reduce the deaths of pre-natal.

The hospital is run by a medical team of about 60 nurses and four doctors, who are distributed during the week equally, as well as an administrative Staff and a Staff of public services and hygiene.

The hospital has many wards, including: Emergency, Obstetrics and Nutrition (t.f.c), Motherhood and Childhood, and Children Unit for those who suffer from general weakness or they need to be stayed at the hospital for taking care of them.  

Mocha Hospital is one of the among government facilities that the UAE Red Crescent Authority rehabilitated it to run it again after the Joint Resistance Forces liberated the city.