U.S. drone targets al-Qaeda vehicle in Shebam, Hadramout

English - Wednesday 10 April 2019 الساعة 10:32 am
Hadramout – NewsYemen.net

An al-Qaeda member was killed in Shebam in Hadramout province, east of Yemen, amid uncertainty surrounding the circumstances of his death.

A local source told Newsyemen that the family of the terrorist "Abdullah Hummadi received a report by the security services in the Valley and Desert of Hadramout province the death of her son without further information.  

Hummadi has participated in the implementation of many terrorist operations in Hadramout province, and he promoted the publications of al-Qaeda recordings, the source added.

Newsyemen sources said that a U.S. drone launched a raid on Monday and hit al-Qaeda vehicle in al-Hawi area in Shebam before the passage of a military convey of the Arab Coalition while the vehicle on its, including Hummadi, way to the headquarters of the Military Region.