Inquiry Committee of Popular Crowd Crimes: serious damage to lives, property

English - Wednesday 10 April 2019 الساعة 03:33 pm
Taiz – 

The Judicial Committee charged with investigating the violations committed in the old city of Taiz confirmed its continuing investigation, despite the obstacles it faces.

The Chairman of the Committee, the Chairman of Taiz Appeal Court said that the Inquiry Committee also recorded serious damage to the public and private properties in the old city.

The Judge Ahmed Mohamed al-Mahmoudi added that the Committee is continuing its work, expecting to submit a report to Taiz governor Nabil Shamsan within two weeks.

The Judge al-Mahmoudi attributed the delay in the completion of investigations to the difficulty of obtaining information, whether by the population or the parties to the conflict. 

"The two warring parties did not provide us with accurate information," al-Mahmoudi said. "We follow them day and night, and each party delays to release information," he added.