37casualties in al-Tuhaita: Seminar on Houthi landmines awareness

English - Wednesday 10 April 2019 الساعة 04:21 pm
Al-Tuhaita – NewsYemen.net 

More than 30 civilians, including children and women, were killed in Houthis' landmines in al-Tuhaita district in al-Hodeida province while seven others were injured.

The National Mine Action Program has organized a mine risk education seminar in al-Tuhaita, funded by the UNICEF at the headquarters of the Centennial Future Society.

The seminar came aimed at raising awareness of mines' dangers and ways to avoid and deal with them to reduce the number of casualties.

Children in the seminar also participated in awareness, carrying  paper plates that warn the dangers of landmines and victims' pictures.  

Houthi militias heavily continue planting landmines and improvised explosive devices, killing and injuring innocent civilians, including children and women in al-Tuhaita district in al-Hodeida province.