Houthi landmines kill five civilians in al-Hodeida province in day

English - Thursday 11 April 2019 الساعة 08:39 am
Al-Hodeida – NewsYemen.net

Five civilians, including a woman, were killed on Wednesday by blasts of the Houthi landmines in al-Tuhaita and  al-Duraihemi districts, south of al-Hodeida.

A Houthi landmine exploded on a motorcycle carrying three people, including a woman in her late 40s, a local source in al-Tuhaita district said to Newsyemen.

The source said that the remains of "Fullah Hassan Sa'ad" and her husband Hassan Khadim scattered around the site of the explosion, while the driver of the bicycle bleeding to death.

He confirmed that the Houthi militias were close to the site of the explosion and did not rush or save the driver.

Two people who were grazing sheep killed in two bombs blast in al-Manqam al-Asfal, in the southeastern city of al-Duraihemi.

Local residents said to Newsyemen that the explosive device killed the young man Abdullah Hussein Dahl, 23, and that his cousin tried to rush to save his life, ''but'' another bomb exploded and killed the cousin immediately close to the first explosion.

A explosion shook the area today afternoon [ Wednesday], confirming that it was a mine that exploded near the coast, the fishermen on Balea Coast in the northwestern of al-Duraihemi city said.

The area's fishermen appealed to the Joint Resistance Forces to intervene and cleanse the coast that are still scattered on the coast of the district.