Houthi pressures force UNICEF to stop cash incentives of al-Awd teachers in Ibb

English - Thursday 11 April 2019 الساعة 09:58 am
Ibb – NewsYemen.net

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has suspended the payment of financial dues for teachers of al-Awd areas in al-Naderah district in Ibb province, provided by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates through UNICEF.

An educational source said in a press statement that the process of stopping the payment of financial dues  came in response to the directives of the Houthi leaders not to spend cash incentives for teachers of al-Awd.

The move came after the people of al-Awd rejected the armed militias' control their areas by force of arms on al-Awd areas, after the armed militias launched intensive attacks on the region since the end of March.

According to the source, teachers of thirty-two schools in al-Awd areas have been suspended to receive cash incentives for the second phase, which UNICEF has delivered  since days in various districts of Ibb province.

The Ministry of Education in al-Naderah district sent a Memo, stressing the suspension of the UNICEF to cash incentives for teachers of al-Awd , asking the Education Office in Ibb province to address the UNICEF to solve the problem and pay the teachers' dues.