Houthi militias prevent private hospital from treating Cholera epidemic

English - Thursday 11 April 2019 الساعة 03:52 pm
Sana'a – NewsYemen.net

The cholera epidemic has spread unprecedented, and dozens of civilians die every day in a deteriorating health situation in areas held by the Houthi militias.

Health institutions are unable to perform their most basic tasks because of the policies of the Houthi militias that have destroyed the medical sector and turned it into a means of corruption and looting.

The armed militias and its health ministry have contributed significantly to the cholera epidemic. The militias issued a decree restricted to receive and treat Cholera cases in non-governmental facilities, a source in the capital Sana'a told Newsyemen.

The health minister and leader of the Houthi militias Taha al-Mutawakil prevented private hospitals from receiving and treating cholera cases, and forced them to refer cases to government health centers set by the ministry prior.

medical sources affirmed to Newsyemen that the health centers that allocated to treat cholera patients are unable to receive and deal with suspected cases of cholera in the outbreak of the epidemic, noting that these centers lack the most basic health components to deal with an epidemic such as cholera.