Soldiers accuse Islah Brigade of looting salaries in Taiz

English - Thursday 11 April 2019 الساعة 03:53 pm
Taiz –

Soldiers or recruits at the 6th Battalion of the 17th Infantry Brigade affiliated to the Islah Party complained about military robbery of their salaries and financial allowances for al-Ashroh front, west of Taiz city.

The soldiers accused the Chief of Staff of the 6th Battalion if robbing the salaries of the soldiers stationed on the front lines in al-Qawz front in facing the armed militias backed by Iran.

According to the soldiers, Y.R. 27,000 was deducted from each salary.

According to soldiers, the Chief of Staff looted some salaries for December under the pretext of their delay to meet the salary payments committee just for a day.

The members of the brigade appealed to the concerned authorities to intervene and stop arbitrariness and robbery of their monthly benefits.

Newsyemen disclosed in a report that militias of the Popular Crowd were graduated by the 22nd Brigade, and the 17th Brigade, funded and supported by Qatar.