Al-Houthi, Al-Hakim are behind smuggling of killer Sheikh al-Sakani

English - Thursday 11 April 2019 الساعة 05:07 pm
Sana'a –

Tribal sources revealed that senior leaders of the Houthi militias smuggled the Houthi leader Abu Naji al-Marebi accusing of killing the Sheikh Ahmed Salem al-Sakani a local council member for Raida district in Amran province.

Sources said to Newsyemen that Mohammed Ali al-Houthi and Abu Ali al-Hakim are behind the smuggling operation of the killer who assassinated the Sheikh al-Sakani.

Al-Houthi and al-Hakim ordered the Houthi checkpoints to allow the killer al-Marebi, sources said, adding that the Houthis committed not to surrender al-Marebi for a trial.

The killer is now at Serwah front in Marib province, according to the sources.