Armed militias suffer heavy losses in Ibb, al-Dhale' fronts 

English - الجمعة 12 أبريل 2019 الساعة 01:49 ص
Ibb / al-Dhale' – 

The Houthi militias suffered loss of casualties and ordnance in al-Awd military front in Ibb and al-Dhale' provinces amid continuing battles and mutual shelling. 

A military and field source said to Newsyemen that the Army repulsed the Houthi Infiltration attempt  into sites at al-Awd front in Bait al-Sawki in al-Dhale'.  

The army thwarted Houthis' attempts to sneak into Setr mountain, causing the armed militias heavy losses at their ranks. 

In the same context, the Arab Coalition warplanes hit a Houthi military tank and Houthi military vehicle in Naqil Hadat in al-Awd area.