Houthi media officer killed at Halmous strategic mountain

English - الثلاثاء 23 أبريل 2019 الساعة 06:46 م
Al-Baida – NewsYemen.net

One of the media commanders at the Houthi militias has been killed in an Arab airstrike at Thi Na'em military front in al-Baida province.

The armed militias backed by Iran acknowledged the killing of the Lt. Col. Ahmed al-Za'akari, of the people of al-Sudah district in Amran province, on Monday at the front.

Local sources confirmed to Newsyemen the killed al-Za'akari, also known by Abu Zuhair, was a media supervisor at the Houthi militias in a number of the Houthi military fronts.

The sources added he was killed in the Arab Coalition airstrike at Halmous strategic mountain before two days.

It would be more likely to be said he was at the mountain to oversee the Houthi military media staff to cover the fall of the strategic mountain by the armed militias last week.