Armed militias loot, blackmail phones, bicycles of civilians under security pretexts

English - الأربعاء 24 أبريل 2019 الساعة 10:08 ص
Mocha –

The Houthi militias in Bait al-Faqih city, south of al-Hodeida, hunt motorcyclists in charge of smuggling young people into liberated areas.

The Houthi militias seized a number of motorcycles in al-Dahfiya area in the district, under the pretext of smuggling young people into the liberated areas.

The Houthi militias carry out forced recruitment campaigns among young people and students, and persecutes those who refuse, they were often subjected to false accusations by the armed militias.

Civilians accused the Houthi elements of looting and confiscating their bikes and selling them with malicious arguments and accusations.

On the other hand, members of the Houthi militias check citizens' mobile phones as they pass through the security points, focusing especially on those who believe they have relatives in the liberated areas or those who have relatives working with the Legitimacy.

The Houthi elements confiscated dozens of mobile phones from their owners, and arrested citizens on the basis of photographs. Citizens are subjected to large financial extortion in return for releasing them, or they are charged with malicious charges.