Military committee arrives in Taiz to number the Popular Crowd Forces on Army's Record

English - الأربعاء 24 أبريل 2019 الساعة 11:41 ص
Taiz –

The Islah Party called for all military elements, belonging to the Party, that had military numbers in Taiz brigades,  22nd Brigade, 17th Infantry Brigade, 145th and 170th air defense, the 17th Infantry Brigade, to present so soon as possible.

The 22nd Brigade called for its members, including those who are on vacations, absences in an urgent manner, as well as other brigades, loyal to the Party, did.  

A military committee of the Ministry of Defense in Marib province arrived in Taiz province in a mission to inspect the manpower of Taiz military units at Taiz military axis.

The committee is to inspect and to match the military lists that were referred by the Taiz Military axis to the Defense Ministry so as to pay salaries.  

Sources said that hundreds of individuals left their military units and joined other military units in Sa'ada at the Fifth Military Region while their salaries are still going on, and taken by the army's commanders in Taiz illegally.

It is worth to mention that more than 500 individuals at the 35th Military Brigade are without military numbers who are stationed in al-Shaqb front, east of Taiz.

Sources disclosed that the Islah Party seeks to list 5,000 elements of Forces of the Popular Crowd at the Army's Record, which graduated at the training centers in Saber and Yafrus areas in Taiz province.

Some names are still on other Records as well as their salaries which are received by commanders of the military army.