Lahj Security Belt Forces fights against Houthi militias in al-Baida

English - الأربعاء 24 أبريل 2019 الساعة 08:02 م
Al-Baidha/Mocha –

The Security Belt Forces, including Yafai tribes in Lahj province fought on Tuesday against the armed militias backed by Iran in al-Zaher front for the first time since 2014.

The Houthi militias launched violent attack on al-Humaiqan Resistance in four directions, forcing al-Humaiqan fighters to step back to areas of Had Yafai district in Lahj province.   

The military clashes focused on al-Nasefah area and other neighboring areas in al-Zaher district after the Security Belt forces and Yafai tribes supported and participated in the fighting, local sources in al-Baida province said.

According to local sources, the Popular Resistance backed by the Security Belt Forces, including Yafai tribal fighters waged an attack aiming at arriving to the district center in Dhi Na'em.

The local sources affirmed that the tribal fighters have achieved military progress and reached near al-Ghemlah where the armed militias had stationed for days.