Source: Houthi interior minister killed in Arab airstrike

English - Thursday 25 April 2019 الساعة 11:38 am
Sana'a –

A senior security source at the Interior Ministry, run by Houthi militias in the Capital Sana'a, disclosed exclusive information to Newsyemen about the death of the minister appointed by the militias, Maj. Gen. Abdulhakim al-Maweri.

The source said that Maj. Gen. al-Maweri was injured by the Arab Coalition airstrike at the Ministry's building in al-Hasabah area in the Capital Sana'a, who was transferred into Iran under a fake name for treatment.

Al-Maweri died of his injuries, the Houthi militias remained silent for two months, before being forced in the past two days to recognize his death as a result of the death of his mother.

The Houthi interior minister was critically injured in the Arab airstrike on the Interior ministry's building on April, 27,2018.

The source pointed out that the United Nations agreed the Houthi term and rented an Ethiopian Airline plane, transporting the Houthi injured to Muscat after giving the Coalition a list of 50 names, mostly fake names.