Military source: Houthi attacks close to a complete collapse of al-Hodeida truce

English - الخميس 25 أبريل 2019 الساعة 11:39 ص
Al-Hodeida/Mocha –

Al-Amaleqa Forces have repulsed Houthi attacks in three directions in al-Tuhaita district, south of al-Hodeida province.

The Houthi militias used all types of weapons in the attacks, including heavy and medium weapons and rocket and artillery, a spokesman of al-Amaleqa brigades said.

It is clear that the Houthi militias do not respect the Sweden agreement, and such attacks by the armed militias consider the brink of a complete collapse of the UN truce , a military source said.

He stressed that the Joint Resistance Forces, including al-Amaleqa Brigades so far repel the Houthi attacks and prevent their infiltration, he said, adding the situation could not continue so indefinitely, in light of the increasing Houthi attacks.