Dozens of Pro-Houthis surrender themselves to Joint Resistance Forces in al-Fakher

English - الخميس 25 أبريل 2019 الساعة 11:41 ص
Al-Dhale' –

A senior officer said to Newsyemen that the Joint Resistance Forces, Security Belt Forces, and Army Forces do not fight the real Houthi militias in al-Dhale' province.

The officer added that the Resistance Forces, including the Army fight against members of the 30th Brigade who helped and facilitated the armed militias to control the Brigade military ordnance in Hamak front in Ibb and some areas in al-Dhale' province.

Abdulkarim al-Sayyadi  played a key role in handing the brigade over the armed militias in Hamak front in Ibb and l-Dhale' provinces.

Some sources said to Newsyemen that dozens of soldiers and officers  surrendered on Wednesday night to the Joint Forces near al-Fakher area, northwest of al-Dhale', who were fighting in front lines along with the militias.